Ensure – Helps Increase Muscle Mass

Helps Increase Muscle Mass

Staying Healthy And Fit After 40

Did you know that ‘Sarcopenia’ or age related muscle loss begins after the age of 30years, reducing about 3-5% muscle mass each decade?This rate increases up to 8 %, once you cross the age of 40.

Building your muscle mass during your youthmay often be a show of prowess; but maintaining a healthy muscle mass post the age of 40 is vital for your fitness and wellbeing in your golden years.

Ensure Improves Muscle Strength

Once you reach a certain age the lack of a balanced diet affects the muscle mass. Therefore, Abbott brings you ‘Ensure’, a specially crafted formula for people over 40 to improve muscle strength. Ensure provides you with all the essential nutrients that the body finds difficult to absorb from regular foods.

The role of muscle mass supplements

It is common knowledge that protein as a macro nutrient is essential for dealing with the wear and tear of the damaged muscle tissues and is one of the basic building blocks of the body. Protein can be found in lot of food sources like eggs, meat, lentils etc. but the quantity of protein in these foods differ and therefore, it become essential to choose the right source of protein.

This is where Ensure comes in. It is not only rich in protein but also provides you with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E, Folic Acid, Zinc, and Magnesium.The macro nutrition present in Ensure also aids the optimal utilisation of protein within the body.

Moreover, muscle supplements have been scientifically proven to help the maintenance of a healthy muscle mass.

Abbott Nutrition products are renowned for their range of health & nutrition drinks, shakes and muscle mass supplements for all age groups right from toddlers, children, lactating mothers and seniors. With Ensure, you can be assured of a superior muscle mass supplement thatgives you the requisite dose of proteins without adding unnecessary calories.

Ensure contains high quality proteins that can help increase muscle mass. Also, Ensure has balanced macronutrient ratio supporting optimum utilization of proteins.4


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