Ensure – Helps Increase Muscle Mass

Helps Increase Muscle Mass

When we’re children our bodies are in a constant state of growth. This continues through to our teens and beyond and peaks in our thirties. During this time, it’s easy to believe that “muscles” are merely six-pack abs and bulging biceps it seems more like a fad to improve muscle strength.

Muscles are what help us stand, walk, perform actions, and even speak! Unfortunately, once we hit the age of 40, muscle mass starts to deteriorate at a much higher rate. One can experience muscle loss of up to 8% per decade and this can reach 25% by the time we’re 70, if we’re not careful.

This is where Ensure comes in. This Abbott nutritional product is specifically formulated for people over the age of 45. It works as a muscle mass supplement drink by providing you with the essential nutrients that an aging body finds difficult to absorb from the food we consume.

Ensure Helps Gain Muscle Mass

It’s common knowledge that protein is known as the building blocks of our body and, more importantly, our muscles. It is the only macro nutrient that helps repair and even rebuild damaged muscle tissue. While protein can be found in various sources like eggs, meat, lentils, etc., not all sources have the same amount of protein. Therefore, it’s important to find the right source of protein for our needs. As we grow older this becomes even more important to improve our muscle strength.

Why choose Ensure

Abbott Nutrition products are a renowned for their health and nutrition drinks, shakes and muscle mass supplements that range from those for lactating mothers to toddlers, children and even adults. So by choosing Ensure, we can be sure that the quality we get from this muscle mass supplement is far superior to other protein shakes and drinks available today. The high quality proteins in Ensure help increase muscle mass and improve muscle strength . Over and above, Ensure has a balanced macronutrient ratio that supports the optimum usage of proteins.

So when it comes to making a choice about protein drinks or shakes, the answer is quiet simple - choose a muscle mass supplement drink that improves muscle strength. Just remember that Ensure helps gain muscle mass in the healthiest of ways.

Ensure contains high quality proteins that can help increase muscle mass. Also, Ensure has balanced macronutrient ratio supporting optimum utilization of proteins.4


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