5 Ways to Keep Yourself Fit

No time to Exercise?
Here are 5 ways to
keep yourself fit
and active!

Don't let lack of time be an excuse

We all know what the struggle to meet our fitness goals feels like – be it sacrificing our morning sleep to go for a walk or cutting down on calories for a new diet; staying fit takes a lot of time and diligent effort. In today’s world, we are hard pressed for time and use the lack of it as an excuse to let our fitness goals remain a far-fetched dream. What we fail to realize is that this ‘all or nothing’ approach may not work well for us and what we need, instead, is to take small steps to keep ourselves fit, no matter how busy our schedule.

The benefits of physical exercise are a-plenty! Research studies have shown that when we include physical activity it helps reduce abdominal obesity; improves our lipid profile; improves insulin sensitivity; and reduces blood pressure1.


Here are 5 ways you can manage to squeeze in a workout along with your packed schedule:


1. Start out small

30-45 Minutes Walk Daily

It is essential to set realistic goals i.e. if you have never done any form of exercise, with the help of your fitness trainer begin tstar with a 15 minute walk and then gradually increase it to 30 minutes then 45 minutes on weekly basis2

2. Workout while you work

Workout while you work

Fitness experts will help you Incorporate sitting exercises while working like chair squats and side stretches etc. to stay in shape.

3. Enjoy your workout


Make your hobby (eg. Cycling, dancing, swimming etc. ) as part of your exercise regime therefore keeping you engaged while helping you stay fit and active.

4. Switch it up

Fitness Trainer

Under the guidance of your fitness trainer Modify your exercise pattern every few weeks therefore avoiding boredom and making the activity more fun.

5. Track your progress

Fitness Set

Have your trainer Keep a track record of your fitness regime. Set small milestones and log all the progress you made on and off the scale. You can take measurements or photographs to help you understand your fitness journey better.

Making these a part of your daily lifestyle will not only improve your physical health but also your mental state and will keep you active throughout your lifespan.

Happy Exercising!

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