Know Ensure Diabetes Care

What is the benefit of diet modification with glycemic targeted nutrition therapy like Ensure®Diabetes Care?

Ensure®Diabetes Care is formulated with slow release energy system (unique carbohydrate blend including modified maltodextrin) to optimize glycemic response and minimize blood sugar spikes.1 It also has high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals.2 It helps to reduce hunger pangs and be active during the day.3 Ensure Diabetes Care® is the No. 1 Doctor recommended diabetes nutrition in the US. It is recommended as partial/full meal replacement and (or) as snack replacement.3

How does Ensure®Diabetes Care help in diet modification?

Diet imbalance is caused by consuming carbs (cereals or grains like rice, chapati, etc.) more than recommended levels and less vegetables and proteins.4 It is also caused by unhealthy snacking.3 Ensure®Diabetes Care when included in diet as partial meal replacement by replacing carbs like rice or chapati in one of your modified meal either in breakfast/lunch/dinner, helps to keep blood glucose and weight under control.3

Partial or full meal replacement:

You can replace approximately one and half chapati in your modified meal with Ensure®Diabetes Care. If you are taking rice you can replace approximately one medium bowl (250 gm) of cooked rice with Ensure®Diabetes Care. A study conducted in 96 overweight or obese patients with type 2 diabetes showed that Ensure®Diabetes Care as partial meal replacement helps in 0.6% HbA1c reduction and 11 Kg weight reduction. Ensure®Diabetes Care was taken as partial meal replacement for 3 months along with standard diabetes and weight management plan.2

Snack alternative:

Replace unhealthy snacks like Pakora, Samosa, Kachori, Bhujia, Pattice, etc. with Ensure®Diabetes Care as mid-morning / mid-evening snack.3

Bedtime drink:

Ensure®Diabetes Care when taken at bedtime helps in reducing night-time hypoglycemia.1

How to prepare Ensure®Diabetes Care SR drink?

To prepare one serving, take 200 ml chilled water, gradually add 6 scoops of Ensure®Diabetes Care while stirring the water and mix until dissolved. One serving of Ensure®Diabetes Care provides 226 K cal. Ensure®Diabetes Care is a diabeto friendly snack or a meal replacement. It is Sugar Free, has High Protein, Zero Cholesterol, High in Mufa and Trans Fat Free.3It is available in delicious Vanilla flavor and also in chocolate flavour.


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