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What is Ensure?

  • Complete, balanced nutrition for Adults
  • Contains 32 vital nutritions like High Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Supports strength, Immunity and Energy

Who needs Ensure?

After the age of 40, your bones and muscles start to lose their strength. Ensure provides complete nutrition to help improve bone, muscle strength and boosts immunity.


What is Ensure Diabetes Care?

  • Specialized nutrition to help manage Diabetes
  • Starts working from Day 1* and helps control blood sugar levels in 4 weeks**
  • Control blood sugar levels, reduce risk of infections^

Who needs Ensure Diabetes Care?

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels leads to many complications like fatigue, hunger pangs, high risk of infections, etc. Ensure Diabetes Care is scientifically designed for diabetics to help control blood sugar levels

^ Compared to patients with poor sugar control E. Geerlings, A.I.M Hoepelman/ FEMS Immunology and Mediacal Microbiology 26(1999) 259:265
*Devitt AA et al. J. Diab. Res. Clin. Metabol. 2012:1-9 | Based on postprandial glycemia and GLP-1 levels in a randomized, controlled, cross-over study.
**Mohan V et al.Presented at International Symposium of Diabetes 2019, Mumbai | There was significant reduction in HbA1c compared to baseline and control at 1st month when used along with lifestyle intervention.

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