Ensure® Diabetes Care - Diabetes Control

Ensure® Diabetes Care and how it will benefit YOU!

A scientifically designed, Diabetes specific formula that can be added to your diet plan along with lifestyle modifications and regular exercise

Diabetes care

Types of Diabetes:

Ensure® Diabetes Care is designed with special ingredients to help manage steady release of glucose so that it helps you stay fuller and energetic for longer6,7

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex Carbohydrates (Modified Maltodextrin)

Helps prevent blood glucose fluctuation and therefore, eliminates resulting weakness7

Contains fibre

Contains fibre

Induces the feeling of fullness and helps with management of weight8

Good Quality Protein

Good Quality Protein

High quality milk protein supports muscle health, wound healing and improves overall health9

B complex Vitamins

B complex Vitamins (Folic acid, B6 & B12)

Help the body to utilize nutrients for energy and other physical functions9

Anti-oxidant Vitamins

Anti-oxidant Vitamins (Vitamin E & C)

Fight against free radical activity and helps boost immunity9

Diabetes care
When to Have Ensure® Diabetes Care

25% of the Diabetes patients skip their breakfast11

Evidence suggests that when people with diabetes skipped breakfast, their lunchtime blood sugar levels were 37% higher than on a day they ate breakfast10

Dining Dish
When to Have Ensure® Diabetes Care

Regular dieting has poor effectiveness in weight reduction for overweight Type 2 Diabetes patients12

Tailor made meal replacement plans along with lifestyle modification have proven to help achieve weight loss

Fruit and Food
When to Have Ensure® Diabetes Care

To keep blood glucose from crashing, people with diabetes have a snack13

Junk foods which are high in calories, contain large amount of sugar or regular carbohydrates which can cause blood sugar levels spike in diabetes patients. Diabetes specific nutrition like Ensure® Diabetes Care is proven to ensure adequate nutrient intake and maintain energy levels.

Junk Food
When to Have Ensure® Diabetes Care

40% of severe hypoglycaemia( low blood sugar) episodes occur overnight (12-8am) & 67% go unrecognized14

To reduce such events, nutritional advice and especially bedtime snacks such as a glass of Ensure® Diabetes Care are frequently recommended15

Alarm Clock

A glass of Ensure® Diabetes Care, when included in your breakfast, lunch or dinner as partial meal replacement in one of your modified meals, helps to keep blood glucose and weight under control.10

Diabetes care

How to Prepare Ensure® Diabetes Care

Add 6 Scoops of Ensure® Diabetes Care powder in 200 ml water. Stir until dissolved and enjoy. One serving of Ensure® Diabetes Care provides approximately 226 K cal.

Start by taking one glass of Ensure® Diabetes Care everyday and experience the difference yourself!

Note: Please consult your doctor for further advice before consuming

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